We are pleased to offer all three choir and both band classes for the 2021-2022 school year. We are excited to have everyone back and hopeful for an uneventful school year. However, we feel it necessary to inform families that we will need to be flexible, particularly regarding masks. Our plan is to start the school year as normal, but please understand that we will need to comply with any local ordinances or protocols put in place by our host churches. I understand that wearing masks might be uncomfortable for some, but if mandated, we will need to comply. That being said, if you register your student for any classes and then decide to drop the class due to COVID protocol requirements, we will be unable to refund tuition monies. We are not doing this as a punitive measure, but simply because the expenses for the year are incurred mostly on the front-end when we have a student count (director salaries, music purchases, uniform expenses, insurance payments, etc.) If the possibility of instituting health and safety measures as directed by local authorities would be cause for you to not participate, we simply wanted to let you know on the front-end so you could make an informed decision for your family. We hope you will all join us, but certainly understand if you decide it’s not best for your family at this time. Thanks in advance for your understanding.