Please fill in all available information below to register your child(ren) for the Fall 2017 Semester.  You only need to register once per family, unless you are registering more than 8 students.  If you are registering more children than 8 students, please complete an additional form.

In order to use the facilities that we use for our program, we are required to maintain liability insurance. This insurance costs us $10 per child and is included in the tuition cost listed below. The costs listed below are per child. No family will be responsible for the cost of more than 3 children in CHOIR; however, the $10 insurance liability fee is still applicable, and all students are responsible for band fees.

In addition to completing the online registration, each family will need to complete a hard copy of our Media Release Form. You may print it out at home and bring to band or choir or mail to the address at the end of this form. We will also have copies available at the parent meeting on the third week of class.

Tuition costs per student for the Fall 2017 Semester:

Band:     $125

Concert Choir (Ages 12-18):     $95

Music Adventures (Ages 5-7) and Music Explorers (Ages 8-11):     $80

Band & Concert Choir Together:     $180

Band & Music Explorers Together:    $165

Ukulele Club: No cost (We do not have a set schedule for the fall semester. We plan to meet every month or so to keep our skills fresh until after SCHE Sports ends, after which we can meet at our normal time of 4:15-4:45 on Thursdays after Choir)


PayPal Payment Option – 

Traditionally, families have paid in person at the band or choir location. For your convenience we have added an option to pay via PayPal. If you wish to pay via PayPal, please come back to this Registration page after submitting your registration below to enter your payment. Because of the added fees charged by PayPal, you will need to add $6.00 to your payment if you choose to use the PayPal option. Use the drop down payment selector to choose the tuition for one of your students. A new tab or window will open showing your selection. Click on “Continue Shopping” to select the tuition for your next student. Repeat this process until you have selected tuition for all of your students. Finally, select the $6.00 charge for PayPal payment. Finally, check out.

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Fall 2017 Registration

Please be patient after clicking the submit button.  Your registration is complete when you see a Thank You message highlighted green.

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